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Salon Line Weak and Brittle Hair Smooth Wavy Relax Treatment 6 Products Kit


Hair loss is a clear symptom of thinning. It is possible to perceive this picture by observing the threads that come loose on the brush, hair elastics and heat tools.  Unlike the fall, which comes from the root, the broken hair usually breaks in the length of the strands. To solve this problem in straight and wavy wires, Salon Line created a monthly treatment for this problem.

Composed of the Shampoo and Conditioner of the Hidra Mel line, which were developed with powerful assets that penetrate the hair fiber, restoring the health of the hair. Honey, which is rich in minerals, amino acids and proteins, helps to recover from the damage suffered by external aggressions, in addition to strengthening and deeply nourishing the hair. Argan oil, which has omega 6 and vitamins A, D and E, has high nutritional power, anti-frizz effect, combats split ends and moisturizes. Tutano, which is rich in collagen and proteins, treats the hair fiber, leaving the hair strong, resistant to breakage, shiny, soft and silky.

The hydration and replacement of the capillary mass is guaranteed with the Mask O.O.S Hydration Bio-Reconstruction Strengthening, which was formulated with egg protein, collagen and keratin. These assets make the hair stronger, regenerate the capillary structure and replenish the protein, in addition to leaving the hair with a soft and healthy touch.

Finally, the Combing Cream of the Hydra Babosa line, which moisturizes, restores and detangles the strands, leaving the hair strong and soft. That's because it contains: Aloe Vera, Vegetable Keratin and Keratin.

How to Use: 
Start the treatment with the Hidra Mel Shampoo, this product cleans, nourishes, gives softness, intense shine and strength. To do this, apply the Hydra Honey Shampoo to damp hair, massage well and rinse.

To hydrate the wires, apply the Bio-reconstruction Hydrating Mask Strengthening from the length to the ends. Wait 3 minutes and rinse. It is important to respect the action time required on the product packaging.

Hydration is essential to replenish the nutrients that hair loses over the years, so do this step once a week!

Then, seal the cuticles of the threads with the Hydra Honey Conditioner. This product reconstructs and seals the cuticles, leaving the hair more resistant and healthy. Apply the Hydra Honey Conditioner to damp hair, massage well and rinse.

Finish with Aloe Vera Combing Cream. The ideal amount depends on the volume of your hair.

Vegan: yes, minus the bio-reconstructive mask
Age: from 12 years
Hair type: weak and brittle

-01 Salon Line Hydration Strengthening Bio-reconstruction Mask 1Kg
-03 Salon Line Hidra Honey Shampoo 300ml
-03 Salon Line Hidra Honey Conditioner 300ml
-02 Salon Line Hidra Aloe Vera Combing Cream 300ml