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Vegetal Be(M)dita Ghee Banana Aloe Vera Hydration Shampoo 250ml - Lola Cosmetics


Hydration Ghee Banana & Aloe Vera is a hydration shampoo for dull and dull hair, in need of water replacement. I replenish the natural moisture of the dried hair, returning softness, shine and flexibility.

Vegetable assets of Banana, Aloe Vera and Algae are rich in proteins that strengthen and hydrate the weakened strands from the inside out.

How to use:
Apply to wet hair and massage gently to foam. Repeat the operation if necessary. Follow with the Vegetable Butter Be (m) called Hydration Ghee.

-01 Lola Be(M)dita Ghee Banana Aloe Vera Shampoo 250ml