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Thermal Sealing Fainting Wires 2x1l - FioPerfeitto

FioPerfeitto Thermal Sealing has been designed for a capillary treatment with instant action, its formula enriched with extracts of Argan and Ojon Oil that treat and nourish the root tips intensely the tips. It has a high power to reduce volume and for a long period. FioPerfeitto Thermal sealing can be applied to all types of hair, including blond or discolored hair. Its action is instantaneous and recuperative. With liquid formula it reduces and reorganizes the capillary structure very easily.

How to Use:
Wash the hair with the Pre Shrink Sealing Faint Yarn, in case of virgin hair repeat the operation.
Dry 100% hair and debt in wicks.
Apply Thermal Sealing, beginning at the nape of the neck. Repeat the procedure on all divided parts.
Make a good brush.
After drying all the hair separate again in fine wicks and board wick to macha.
Then rinse well and finish as desired.

-Shampoo Pre Sealing Fainting Wires Perfeitto Wire 1 liter
-Progressive Treatment Thermal Sealing Fainting Wire Yarn Perfeitto 1 liter