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Strawberry Varnish Bath D-Panthenol Keratin Refill Hair Mask 400g - Forever Liss

Refill Strawberry Varnish Bath Forever Liss packaging with 78% less plastic in the environment and more savings for your pocket.

The Strawberry Varnish Bath Mask deeply hydrates the hair, providing intense shine, in addition to leaving hair radiant, soft and silky, with its color illuminated and protected.

Indicated for all types of hair, especially dry and damaged hair, this mask has natural actives such as Strawberry, Whipped Cream, D’Panthenol and Keratin that act on the hair fiber, recovering porosity and restoring hair health.

It has a delicious and smooth strawberry aroma, is released to Low Poo and enters the hydration step in the Capillary Schedule.

Indicated for all types of hair, especially dry and damaged ones.

Whipped cream: Conditions the hair and restores the hair fiber.

D’Panthenol: With an emollient action, it provides deep hydration to the threads, promoting softness, silkiness and detangling the threads. Assists in color enhancement.

Keratin: Acts directly on the hair fiber, recovering porous and brittle strands.

color enhancement
glow enhancer
Treats the porosity of the wires
Illuminated and protected color
softness and silkiness
disentangling action
Released to Low Poo

How to use:
01. Right after washing the hair with the Strawberry Varnish Bath Shampoo, apply the Strawberry Varnish Bath Mask on the still damp hair, spreading it along the entire length.
02. Leave to act for 10 minutes.
03. Rinse until removing the product completely.
04. Finish as you wish.

For best results, use the complete line.

Fully recovered and healthy hair, with light, hydrated, soft strands and revitalized color.
The result of the product may vary according to the state and conditions of each type of hair.

01 - Refill mask with strawberry nail polish Forever Liss 400g.