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Soul Black Like Liso Hair Mask 1000G - ASP

by ASP
Soul Black Like Liso Hair Mask was developed especially for hair that have been smoothed by chemical processes because it nourishes, moisturizes and repairs deeply the threads, ensuring a perfect smooth longer. In addition to controlling and disciplining the threads, it increases its resistance against breakage. Enriched with a blend of Amino Acids that repair, protect and align the threads and Wheat Germ Oil that provides perfect, restructured and very shiny threads. You will have hair that is fully aligned, hydrated, nourished, restored and highly resistant.
How to Use:
After washing the hair, remove excess water from the hair and apply the Soul Black Like Liso Hair Mask from length to the ends. Glove well and let it act for 3 to 5 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly
Good to Know: cruelty free.