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SOS Extreme Anti Hair Rubber Fiber Reconstruction Anti Loss 240ml - Borabella


SOS Extreme is a fast-acting professional hair reconstructor that has arrived to save extremely fragile, dry, brittle and damaged hair from transformation chemicals such as progressive, straightening, discoloration and coloring.

In just 5 minutes you will have fully restored, conditioned, hydrated, soft, resistant, healthy and shiny hair!

Promotes softness and shine
imported raw materials
Restores, conditions and hydrates
Quick application in just 5 minutes
Anti-break and anti-rubber effect
Facilitates Disentanglement and Prevents Brushing Breakage
Compatible with all hair types and all chemicals
Ideal for fragile, rubbery, extremely damaged and lifeless hair.
Check out the main assets:

Sericin: the benefit of adding this compound in formulations for hair application is related to repairing damage, especially in hair with a lot of static, frizz, tangles, discolored and with many split ends. In addition, Sericin also acts to thicken, nourish, restore and rebuild the strands, as well as bringing a silky and shiny effect to damaged hair, providing protection against UV rays and the heat of dryers, eliminating frizz and aligning elastic fibers to protect the wire from free radicals.

Molecular shine induction - nanoparticle dispersion.
Increased hair shine due to its ability to seal open and damaged cuticles, depositing itself in the form of a sealing film.
Nano regeneration of damaged hair – immediate sensory effect.
Deposition of sericin nanoparticles – increased substantivity.
Improved conditioning, softness and shine.
Nano replacement of protein mass.
Boosts alignment associated with reducing hair damage.
Improved color deposition in coloring processes.
Wire thickening.
Increased resistance of the yarn to breakage.
D-Panthenol Vitamin B5: prevents the formation of split ends, helps to revitalize damaged and brittle hair and gives more body, elasticity, intense shine and hydration to the strands.


Helps in the natural growth of hair.
Promotes deep and lasting hydration.
Offers anti-inflammatory action.
Improves hair texture and softness.

Nano Keratin: Keratin is a multifunctional and fortifying protein that contributes to the damaged hair becoming leaf new, with the function of protecting and preserving the nutrients inside the strand. The hair gains more anti-break strength and shine.

Reduces frizz intensely.
Increases softness, elasticity and moisture retention.
It restores mass, prevents thread thinning and replaces lost protein.
It fills in the damaged layers of the cuticle and, at the same time, gives shine.
Tame the wayward hair to make it manageable.
As hair is made from keratin, it is one of the best proteins for treating heavily manipulated or chemically damaged hair.
Strengthens and restores hair shine.

Elixir 12 Oils: is an extraordinary association between precious and legendary oils obtained from nuts, seeds, herbs and fruits. It is a unique combination, specially developed to nourish the deepest layers of the hair fiber, restoring its essential lubricity, giving a lot of shine and restoring all vitality to the hair.

Composed of: Argan Oil, Shea Nut, Cotton Seed, Coconut, Macadamia, Green Tea, Chamomile, Aloe, Calamus, Myrrh, Olive and Cinnamon.

Advanced nutrition.
Discipline and frizz control.
It gives shine and luminosity.
Protection against dryness.

How to Use:
Apply evenly from root to tip, gloving and massaging;
Let it act for 5 minutes
Rinse with water only.

-01 Borabella SOS Extreme 240ml