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Dry Weak Hair Pearl Protein Extract Fortifying Shampoo 473ml - Silicon Mix

by Avanti

Special fortifying formula for the reconstruction of dry, weak and brittle hair. The main active ingredient of this line is the Pearl Protein Extract, a natural marine product that rejuvenates and fortifies. This component acts on the external structure of the hair and on the root reactivating the production of melanin and realigning the hair fibers.

It is also rich in keratin to reconstruct the internal structure of the hair from the root to the ends. It has a mix of silicones to smooth and shine integrated with Luster Finish to create healthy, shiny hair, resistant to moisture and without frizz.

Hydration and Cleansing - The silicon mix shampoo for each line meets the cleaning needs according to the mask concentration.

It has deep cleaning assets - The actives completely remove the residues left by the use of other products, the excessive oiliness and any type of dirt that remains in the hair.
By using the shampoo you avoid the effect of product overlap on the hair and improve the efficiency of the treatment. Together with the cleaning agents, the shampoo also has conditioning agents to moisturize and protect the hair, leaving it light and loose.

How to use:
Apply to wet hair with massage until foam is obtained. Rinse thoroughly and repeat the operation, leaving a few moments if necessary.
For best results use also the Silicon Mix Mask Fortifying Treatment with Pearl Protein and Silicon Mix Leave-in Smooth and Silky Pearl Protein.

-01 Silicon Mix Pearl Protein Fortifying Shampoo 473ml