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Shampoo to Barba 4em1 140 Ml Forcebrightnessmaciez Bravus - Bravus

by Bravus
Shampoo 4 in 1 for Beard and Bravus Hair - 140ml behind strength to beard and hair, with assets that clean and improves the appearance of the wires and produces a complete hygiene of the wires. In the composition we have assets rich in D-Pantenol, rosemary and hyaluronic acid, which together have moisturizing, remineralizing, anti-bactericidal properties, anti-inflammatory and rancostructive

Mode of use: apply shampoo 4 on 1 on all beard until you get total cleaning fingers on the root of the beard and overtains the extension of it rinsing by removing all the foam If necessary repeat the operation, after the use of the shampoo Balm 4 in Bravus 1

After applying a small amount in the palm of the Balm hands 4 in 1 spread over any extension of the root beard the tips, no need to rinse

Provides the sensation of uam beard treated with elegant smell
For demanding beardings!