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Reconstruction Anti Rubbering Moisturizing pH Balance Mask 300g - Magic Color


The Anti-Rubber Reconstructive Mask promotes deep hair reconstruction and hydration. With a formula rich in Royal Jelly, Milk Proteins and Coconut Oil, it restructures and rebalances the pH of the hair, especially the threads subjected to coloring, discoloration, straightening and permanent. Its action improves the structure of the hair fiber leaving the hair visibly restored with shine, softness and life.


How to use:
After rinsing STEP 3 - Anti-fogging capillary regenerator - apply STEP 4 - Anti-fogging reconstructive mask - strand by strand. Massage the wires and let the product act for 10 minutes in the plastic or thermal cap. Rinse and finish with STEP 5 - Anti-fogging Hair Brushing.

-01 Magic Color Reconstruction Anti Rubbering Mask 300g