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Progressivebrush Aloe Vera Sem Formol Evolution - Evolution

Progressive Brush Aloe Vera Reduct Line Evolution 2x1000ml

Developed with the most advanced natural technology, the preparatory shampoo prepares the hair wires for the best absorption of the Aloe Vera volume gear unit, without assaulting the wires.

Its formula consists of the combination of babosa, Argan oil and Luna Matrix. The volume reducer is rich in vitamins that allow a capillary detoxification by helping the revitalization of the wires. Suitable for all hair profiles requiring natural assets and volume reduction.

1 shampoo antiresiduous 1000ml
Apply in wet hair by massaging root, half and tips until you get a creamy foam. Then rinse and repeat the process until complete cleaning.

2 1000ml volume reducer
After using the Aloe Vera Step 1 shampoo, apply the Aloe Vera Step Volume Reducer 2 wick by Mecha with a brush, removing excess with a comb. Then pre-dry with warm temperature, subsequently warm. Brushing and Piastrar.

Anvisa: 3.9904-2escova Progressive Aloe Vera Reduct Line Evolution 2x1000m