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Professional Hidra Expert Moisturizing Treatment Shampoo 500ml - La Bella Liss

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The Hidra Expert Shampoo is indicated for those looking for an incredible product that cleans and prepares hair for intense and complete treatments! Try a new concept to give that strength to your hair from the time of cleaning. Ideal for preparing the threads for any treatment you may have, the Hidra Expert Shampoo will have its performance guaranteed, donating ideal cuticle opening, but without removing essential nutrients from the threads.

How to Use:
Wet your hair and apply a amount of La Bella Liss Hydra Expert Shampoo throughout the scalp. Massage until it forms a dense and pleasant foam and pull that foam along the length and ends of the strands to complement the cleaning. If necessary, repeat the operation. 

-01 La Bella Liss Hydra Expert Shampoo 500ml