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Professional Hair Color Bleaching Powder Dust Free 9 Tones 500g - Pro Hairmony


Bleaching Powder Hair Color Hairmony it has fast-paced action, which did not give rise to waste in the dust. Discolor in up to 9 colours. This formula contains a crystal moisturizing Sórbitol, which keeps the hair healthy shine and bounce.

How to Use:
In a non-metallic container, mix at a ratio of 1 scoop of Lightening Powder, the Powder Hair Color Hairmony for 2 cups of Cream, Rust Hairmony on the volumagem is appropriate for the technique you have chosen, until you get the consistency of the anatomical and creamy, and then apply the mixture with a brush on the locks that you want. The timing of the action is to be controlled by a professional, depending on the degree of tooth whitening that you want. After a long pause, rinse thoroughly with warm water and wash your hair with Shampoo and Hairmony.

-01 Pro Hairmony Color Hair Bleaching White Powder 500g