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Professional Glow Hair Maintenance Post Progressive Home Care 3 Prod. - Adlux

by Adlux
This kit is fantastic, totally natural made with nanotechnology, its formula was developed with natural extracts of chamomile, blackberry and argan oil;
This sensational kit is suitable for all types of hair, gently cleans the strands and prolongs the effect of the progressive brush;
The post-glow glow hair hydration mask provides intense hydration, restores, nourishes and protects damaged hair leaving hair healthy and with a natural shine.

This product has quick hydration of the washbasin and is indicated for all types of hair. With argan oil and natural extracts. Provides deep and instant hydration.

How to Use:
Shampoo: apply the treatment shampoo to the hair massaging the strands gently, then rinse;
Moisturizing Mask: after washing your hair with the shampoo hair glow progressive hair, step 1, apply the hydration mask, step 2, distributing it over all the strands. Massage gently. And for a deep repair, put on a thermal cap. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse well;
Thermo Active Cuticle Protection: spray on your hands at a distance of 10 to 20 cm spreading the product well on the hair. It does not let the strands dry out and makes combing easier.

1- strengthens, nourishes and promotes hair growth;
2- used to avoid whitening;
3- intensive hydration;
4- nutrients that revitalize the threads;
5- returns 100% of the vitamins;
6- recover the damaged threads by chemicals;
7- prolongs the smooth effect of the wires;
8- wire restructuring.

01- Adlux Glow Hair Maintenance Shampoo 300 ml;
01- Adlux Glow Hair Maintenance Mask 300 g;
01- Adlux Glow Hair Maintenance Thermo Active 120 ml;