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Dosage Gluco Active Lumino Max Hair Densifying Conditioner 250ml - Probelle


The Probelle Lumino Max Densifying Conditioner was specially developed for Oily Hair at the root and dry at the ends.
Its high performance formula regenerates the fiber in a very high degree of capillary degeneration in chemical processes and the action of the external environment, facilitating styling and promoting silkiness and ease in the threads.

- Chemical Protect: Amino acids, collagens and proteins lost by external aggressions and chemical processes are replaced, providing shine, silkiness and mass replacement of cellular cement.

How to Use:
- Apply the Lumino Max Conditioner to clean, damp hair by massaging gently.
- Rinse and repeat the operation if necessary.

01 - Lumino Max Densifying Conditioner 250ml.