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Let me Be Pro Repair High Performance Ultra Hair Treatment Mask 500g - ProSalon


The Let Me Be Pro Repair Mask has a formulation rich in coconut oil, keratin, collagen and high performance conditioning polymer, which under thermal activation restores extremely damaged hair.
In addition, it helps to promote intense hair rebuilding and nourishment by imparting much shinier, smoother hair, aiding in volume reduction and frizz control.

How to use:
Applying Botox Pro Repair Let Me Be does not require prewash with anti-residue shampoo. It is only necessary to wash the hair first with ordinary shampoo (daily use) if the hair is with cream, spray, leave-in or any other product. In this case, after washing, 100% must be removed and 100% dried before applying Botox Pro Repair.
You can apply Pro Repair directly to your hair, wait 60 minutes at 1:30, rinse 100%, dry 100% and stick in thin strands. Then just wash and dry to see the fantastic result.

Blond Hair Tip:
* The break time in blond, discolored or fuzzy is up to 60 minutes.
* After break time, rinse 100% and dry 100% (no brushing required).
* Use the board with a maximum temperature of 180ºC.
* Hair can be tinted immediately after application if necessary.
* For shades over 7 or platinum, you can mix with your favorite Botox Pro Repair 1/3 tinter (1 part tint to 3 parts Botox Pro Repair).
* To achieve a pearlescent result, mix Botox Pro Repair with the Let Me Be Champagne mask at a ratio of 1/3 (1 part Champagne Botox to 3 parts Botox Pro Repair).

01 - ProSalon Pro Repair Ultra Mask 500g