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Plastica de Argila Daily Home Care 3 Products - Cadiveu

by Cadiveu
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Plastica de Argila - Revitalizing Shampoo 250ml is enriched with hyaluronic acid to clean and nourish the hair. How to use: apply on wet hair and massage. Rinse and repeat if required.

Plastica de Argila - Clay Mask 200ml Mask rich in hyaluronic acid and organic silica, rejuvenates the hair promoting maximum nutrition. How to use: after aplying the Revitalizing Shampoo, rinse the hair, retire the excess of water and apply the product over the entire lenght of the hair. Massage section by section from roots to ends and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse.

Plastica de Argila - Finishing Fluid 90ml Restores and seals the cuticles. How to use: spread a small quantity of the fluid through your dry or damp hair, and style as usual.

How to use:

Wash hair with Shampoo Revitalising, gently massaging the scalp and rinse leather. Repeat if necessary. After washing, remove the moisture with a towel. Apply the clay mask for entire length of hair. gently massage the wires, for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Finalize applying Finisher fluid on damp hair and comb as usual (can brush if you want). It can also be applied to dry hair to finish.


-1 Clay Mask 200ml Mask

-1 Revitalizing Shampoo 250ml

-1 Finishing Fluid 90ml