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pH Organic Tanino Progressive Brush Tannin Smoothing Kit 2x1L - Manga Rosa

Exclusive technology based on Tannin. Considered a high-performance polyphenol, mixed with a blend of acidic proteins and Ph Organic, it allows the formation of a new sulfur and carbon chain in the molecular structure of the thread, making a peptide bond to the existing structure. Leaving the strands easier to shape, reducing and controlling the volume, it reduces frizz, in addition to providing shine, softness and movements with a smooth natural appearance.

Indicated for all types of hair, including fragile and curly, it is a safe treatment that does not present adverse reactions. 

How to use:
1 - Cuticle Opening
Apply step 1 (anti-residue shampoo) to all hair and rinse;
Wash again and let the product act for 5 to 10 minutes, rinsing after that time;
Reapply the anti-residue shampoo to the hair, gently massaging the scalp, length and ends to fully open the cuticles (100%). let it act for 5 to 10 minutes;
Rinse very well; Dry the hair completely using hot air (dryer); Do not leave the shampoo on the ends of hair with streaks or discolored.

2 - Stabilizer 
Divide the hair into four parts and apply step 2 (mousse) to locks with the brush. comb using a fine comb to obtain total absorption of the product; Take a 30-minute break;
Dry the hair alternating hot and cold air (dry 80% of the strands).

3 - Wire Alignment
Divide the applied part into thin strands and apply plank with iron board at high temperature (230ºC); Plank 10 to 15 times each strand; In discolored threads, with streaks or damaged by previous chemicals, do not exceed four board applications;
Repeat the procedure on all hair.

4 - Cleaning
Apply step 3 (pH reducer) on damp hair, strand by strand and gently massage root, length and ends. Take a break of 5 to 10 minutes keeping step 3; 100% rinse;
Line up with a fine-tooth comb and dry.

01- Manga Rosa Progressive Brush Ph Organic Shampoo 1L
01- Manga Rosa Progressive Brush Ph Organic Reducer 1L