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New Retro Progressive Keratin Replacement Brush 2x1L - VIP

by VIP

The New Vip Progressive Brush is a product developed for professionals of beauty, who arrived in the Brazilian market of progressive as a launch and promotes smooth wires and with reduction of volume. Provides complete elimination of frizz and rebellious hair, along with the reduction of both curly hair and bulky hair.

The New Vip Progressive Brush Kit consists of two products, a shampoo that works by cleaning the scalp of the impurities, leaving the yarns totally clean and free of debris. He prepares the hair to receive the treatment that will rebuild and smooth the hair. Step two o consists of a keratin builder, which promotes intense shine in the hair, impressive softness and a reduction in volume, frizz and wire alignment, with results since the first application.

The New Vip Progressive Brush also lasts longer, as which acts from inside to outside the hair, promoting the restructuring of the threads without attacking the hair fiber and damaging the hair, leaving the healthy, smooth and aligned threads.

How to use:
You must first have your hair wet to apply the dilating shampoo on the wires. Massage the hair into a generous froth, and if you feel the need, apply the shampoo again. Rinse with plenty of water and dry the hair thoroughly with the aid of the hair dryer. Then proceed to the application of step 2. You should separate a quantity of the product and apply with the aid of a brush and comb, always with the use of protective gloves in the hands. Align the wires with the comb in the direction of the root tips, and thoroughly dry the hair with the dryer, alternating between cold air and warm air. After that, pass the board in the locks at least 10 times in each one, rinse with plenty of water and finish as you wish.

Your hair with the New Vip Progressive Brush turns completely. already; that it promotes in the wires a capillary reconstruction capable of smoothing, eliminating frizz and reducing the volume in an impressive way. The product also leaves your hair extremely soft, easy to comb and brush, besides being full of shine and life.

01 - New Vip Progressive Brush Shampoo Dilator - 1L
01 - New Vip Progressive Brush Keratin Repositories - 1L