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Progressive Shower Straightening Formol Free Instant Treatment 200ml - MegaLizz

You should know that most hair straightening products contain in their formula a compound called formaldehyde. He is responsible for offering the straightening that the product promises. This substance is PROHIBITED because it causes damage to health, causing serious damage.
With MegaLizz you have no concern, it can be used on any type of hair, will have the hair fiber sealing very efficiently, will make your straightening very simple, just washing the hair.
It is made with compounds that will make your hair straight without having to spend hours going to the salon, so you can save a lot of time and money without leaving home.
  • Instant Straightening
  • Home Lounge Effect
  • Without formaldehyde
  • Without damaging the wires
  • Permanent Result

How to Use:
For everything to work correctly, follow the 8 steps below:

1- Wash your hair with Anti-Residue Shampoo twice;

2 - Dry the hair with the aid of a dryer, leaving it slightly damp;

3 - Apply MegaLizz to thin strands, respecting 1.5 cm from the root,

4 - Let it act for the time below, according to your hair type:

Straight Hair: 20 minutes
Wavy Hair: 40 minutes
Curly Hair: 1 hour
Curse Hair: 1 hour and 20 minutes

5 - Remove excess product with water

6- Dry your hair with the aid of a hairdryer

7 - Finish with the flat iron in thin strands 10 to 15 times

8 - Ready! The effect of the product lasts from 60 to 90 days, depending on the hair, but can be used after 30 days if desired.

-1 MegaLizz Shower Progressive 200ml