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Line Bands Have Power for Crop and Curly Haired - Barrominas

Bunches has power nanonutrition clay mines kit complete


With special ingredients for the most beloved and most admired, the Nanonutrition line curls have power! It treats the curls effectively and nutritiously. Rich in coconut oil and
Manga, provides powerful emolience, masher nutrition and stunning hydration with hair, highlighting what is best in your curls. Released to low poo technique: free of oil sulphates, silicones and parabens.

Superpoderoso 2x1 conditioner can also be used in cowash technique.

Cream of combing activator curls have power! It has the multifunctional: models, defines, loosens the curls and has effemorization of the curls. Ideal for use in wet or dry hair.

The Multifunctional Oil 3x1 Mano Nutrition Bunches has power! Hydrating nourishes with an explosion of asset leaves soft, without frizz and with intense brightness can be used of 3 ways: as a finisher, for umetacao and to enhance hydration.

How to use:

Shampoo - Apply a small amount on the moist wires and massage gently with the tips of the fingers. Then rinse. If you find it necessary, repeat the application. For best results, use the other products of the NanoTrition line curls have power!.

Conditioner - Apply the desired amount of the conditioner on the moist wires, massage gently, let us act for a few minutes and then rinse.

Cowash- With the wet wires, apply the amount equivalent to that would use shampoo, gently massage the scalp, spread through the length and rinse.

Mask- After washing the hair, apply the mask in desired amount on the moist wires and gently massagne mecha the wick. Dexe acting for a few minutes and then rinse. To enhance treatment.Add 15 drops of coconut oil and sleeve curls have power! For each portion to be applied to the hair and use thermal cap.

Activator combing cream - apply over clean and wet hair, enluve mecha wick, setting the curls with your fingers. After application dry wires with the diffuser or, if you prefer, let it dry naturally. Do not rinse.

Coconut oil and sleeve curls have power! Multifunctional 3 EM1
Understanding: In dry hair, apply the wick of wick and distribute from length the tips. Leave a minimum for 30 minutes. After the action time washes normally with shampoo and conditioner.
Finisizer: Apply a few drops in the palm of the hand, massage and distribute evenly in the dry or humid wires

To enhance the hydration: To increase effect of the turbine moisturizing mask curls has power, add 7 to 15 drops of multifunctional 3x1 bunches have power for every 20 g of mask to be used. The amount valve depends on the need of hair.


01- Shampoo treatment nanonutrition curls has power! BM Care - 300ml;

01- Conditioner + cowash nanonutrition curls has power! BM Care - 300ml;

01- Turbinated capillary mask nanonutrition curls has power! BM Care - 500g;

01- Cream of combing activator Nanonutrition curls has power! BM Care -240ML;

01- Multifunctional oil 3x1 nanonutrition curls has power! BM Care - 100ml;