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Leave in Protective Thermal Complete One 120ml Dihair

by Dihair
Leave-in thermal protector Complete One 120ml- dihair

The Leave-in Complete One is a cream without rinse, for instant treatment. Developed for all kinds of hair. Protects from solar radiation, it is thermal protector for chap and dryer and is perfect for use every day. Lets the hair more moisturized, shiny and radiant. The Leave-in Complete One helps in reducing frizz and defines the forms of hair.

Leave-in Complete One is a revolution in terms of hair care, treatment and finalization. It brings together all the benefits in a single product.

Treatment without rinse, developed from nutritious complexes rich in vitamin B5 that helps in the protection and strengthening of capillary fiber. The action of the Leave-in Complete One leaves the hair protected from aggressive agents, provides softness, aligned and disciplined cuticles, in addition to the exceptional brightness for much longer.

For all kinds of hair, it promotes volume control, softness and brightness.


- contains D-Pantenol - Vitamin B5;
- thermal protector;
- promotes hydration and brightness;
- Anti frizz;
- Repair of damage;
- UVA and UVB protection;
- facilitates the action of comb;
- Restoration;
- Nutrition;
- Prevents double tips.

Mode of Use:

The product can be used of two modes:

With moist hair: Apply the product on the wires like spray, spraying 20cm away and disembarking hair with comb. Finalize as usual. Dry with the dryer, plank or natural.

With dry hair: sprinkle on the palm of the hand and apply on the hair, from the middle to the tips. If necessary, finalize the hairstyle with the plank or the dryer.


Hair gets more hydrated, healthy and facilitates disagreeing. Eliminates frizz and facilitates drying, as well as providing a better result for the board. Healthy, silky, bright, protected without regret.


01 - Leave-in Complete One - 120ml