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Kit Reconstructor Cassava Aramath Professional (3x 1000ml) - Aramath

by Aramath
Manioca Maintenance Kit Aramath

With cassava extract that helps in the growth of the wires !!!

The shampoo - perfect for treating chemically treated and sensitized hair, which passed through chemical pocks. It has in its special emollient formulation like ojon oil, cassava extract and silicones that repair the structure of the wires thus provide a great conditioning with softness and intense brilliance.

The conditioner - enriched with murumuru butter which is ideal for bulky hair, typical of Brazilians. He tames the wires and has anti-frizz action. They are also indicated to treat the wires damaged by the wind, sun, plating and even dye. The effect you ve in the face: less volume and much more brightness.! In the long run, you earn moisturized and less elastic wires.

The mask - with powerful ojon oil rich in vitamins A, and, omega 6 and omega 9, which restores the natural elasticity of the hair.

-1 Shampoo of Cassava Aramath 1000 ml
-1 Cassava Conditioner Aramath 1000ml
-1 mask of cassava aramath 1 kg