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Kit Professional Professional Rain of Bio Instinto

Bio instinct thinking about all kinds of hair, created the varnish bath line, developed with high performace to discipline the wires, remove the frizz, perfume, give brightness and prevent against the appearance of double tips.

- The kit is composed of 4 products rich in natural oils that act inside the capillary fiber recovering damaged hair, realigning the cuticles and increasing the brightness.

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- Apply the shampoo to the wet hair massaging the scalp until foaming, rinse then repeat the operation.

- Daily: After washing the hair with shampoo apply the conditioner at any length of the wires, let it act for 2 minutes and rinse.

- Weekly: for deep hydration. After washing the hair with shampoo apply the wick mask by Mecha massaging the wires from top to bottom. Wait 15-20 minutes with or without heat source and rinse. If there is a need to apply the conditioner soon after the rinse of the mascara to balance the pH of the wires and the better the combability, fully rinse.

- Spread in the palm of hands and slowly apply the cream to comb 10 Bio Bio Bio Instinct Bathroom Benefits. Do not rinse and dry as usual.

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Packaging contains

- 1 Shampoo 400 ml
- 1 Conditioner 400 ml
- 1 300gr capillary mask
- 1 Combing Cream 200 ml