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Kit Line a Liter Shampoo + Siliconecream Aneethun


Kit line to liter shampoo + silicone cream aneethun

Description of ANEETHUN line line A
Moisturizes and nourishes the wires gently, providing brightness and softness.
Revitalizes the hair, disengages and restores double tips.

The kit contains:
01 - Shampoo line at 1L pH 6.0
01 - Silicone cream line at 1L pH 4.0.

Shampoo line at 1L pH 6.0
It has revitalizing and protective action of capillary fiber. It promotes gentle cleansing of the scalp and wires.

Silicone cream line at 1L pH 4.0.
Brightness, protection and softness. Daily use ensures health and vitality to wires, as well as constant protection against external agents. Provides clearance, glitter and smooth conditioning.

- Practical and fast hydration service
- attends different types of hair
- Silicone cream that can be used with or without rinse
- Traditional line with more than twenty years of market

Tutano: rich in protein, nourish, moisturizes and strengthens the wires.
Silicone: Protects the hair from the damage caused by chemicals and excessive heat, leaving them brilliant, silky and malleable.
D'Pantenol: acts directly on the scalp and capillary fibers, helping in moisture retention and avoiding double tips.
Keratin: Regenerates and increases the mechanical resistance of the wires.
Collagen: Retains water on the wire and uniforms the cuticle, resulting in a hydrated hair and set for longer.
Amino acids: promote a deep reconstruction of damaged wire, increasing their resistance.