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Salvatore Kit Fresh Chamomile Hair Treatment

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The kit Fresh Chamomile Hair Treatment is ideal for preparing hair to receive a cut or a brush with high yield. It assists in the cost-benefit of fast salon services. The great differential of this product is a feeling that conveys to its customer, making a simple cleaning of the threads without washing in a unique and special moment, with an incredible sensation of tranquility that a essence of chamomile transmits.

Salvatore Cosmetics has been looking for an aromatherapy area or secret to make your stay in the salon turn into a spa. The line sensations transform a quick moment of a passage through the lavatory into a unique and unforgettable sensation.
The soothing and emollient active ingredients of the Fresh Chamomile Hair Treatment found in chamomile, provide the wires with softness, hydration and shine. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help prevent dandruff by providing clean, healthy hair.

• Best value for money
• Total cleaning of impurities
• High yield
• Different sensations for each product

How to use:

1) With wet hair, evenly apply Professional Fresh Chamomile Shampoo on the hair and massage gently. Article 3 Distribution of the product to the tips, without rubbing the capillary fiber. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water, removing the product completely. Repeat the process. After a wash, remove excess water and apply the Professional Fresh Chamomile Salvatore Conditioner.
2) Finished the cleansing process with the Fresh Chamomile Professional Shampoo, remove the excess water and apply the Professional Fresh Chamomile Conditioner, mechanical wicks, make the length for tips. With the help of a medium comb, evenly distribute. Leave on for 3 minutes. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water, removing the product completely.

Important tips:

1) Do not use plank on damaged hair, because as high temperatures of the equipment added mechanical mechanics of its use on the hair can damage a hair fiber.
2) Do not touch the yarn to remove excess water, as it can be damaged as capillary fibers. Dry the hair with the care and care that the hair deserves.


1 - Fresh Chamomile Shampoo 2500ml
1 - Fresh Chamomile Conditioner 1500ml