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Kit Bioextratus Antiqueda Jaborandi Shampo Cond Mask 1kg - Bio Extratus

Jaborandi Antiqueda Kit - 1L Shampoo + 1L Conditioner + 1kg Cream Bath

Exclusive combination of vegetable extracts, enriched with vitamins revitalizing, strengthen and restore hair with fall and little growth.

* Shampoo - Revitalizing Cleaning
Clean and revitalize hair. The balanced association of extracts and vitamins nourish the capillary bulb and tones the scalp, providing strength and health to hair.
Distribute evenly over wet hair, gently massaging without rubbing the wires. Rinse well and, if necessary, repeat the application.

* Conditioner - Strengthening Conditioning
Conditions and revitalizes hair, strengthening wires.
For daily use, it should be used after shampoo. In weekly hydration, apply after the cream bath, gently massaging. For increased assets absorption, let us act for a few minutes. Rinse.

* Cream bath - Antiquedo hydration
Revitalizing treatment, rich in vitamins, ideal for moisturizing and strengthening wires. Check glow and softness to hair.
Apply massaging Mecha to Mecha. Let's act from 10 to 15 minutes. To intensify the treatment, use hydration cap. Rinse.

Hair with fall and little growth.

Acting directly in the capillary bulb, stimulating growth, as well as assisting the antiqueda treatment.

Results and Benefits:
Tones and nourishes the capillary bulb. Stimulates growth and provides strong and healthy yarns.

- Jaborandi - contains pilocarpine, which stimulates capillary growth and prevents fall
- quilia - has astringent action that helps control sebaceous secretion
- Rosecrim - Capillary stimulant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, refreshing, astringent and healing. Recommended for oily hair and no shine.