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Trivitt Hair Intense Shine Spray Styling Lacca Strong 300ml - Itallian Hair Tech


Itallian Trivitt Style Hair Spray Lacca Forte has strong fixation and quick drying for a moisture resistant hairstyle. Leaves the hairstyle shiny and protects from frizz without leaving residue on the hair.

Combination of Agents for Fixation and Styling: Polymers with excellent adhesion to capillary fiber, widely used in sprayable systems. It promotes strong fixation even in environments with high humidity, gives shine, leaves no residue on the hair, has quick drying, polymers can be easily removed when combing the threads or in the next wash with the application of shampoo.

How to Use:
In a vertical position with circular movements and at a distance of approximately 20 cm, apply the Trivitt Bright Shine spray on dry hair and distribute it evenly over all strands.

-01 Itallian Hair Tech Trivitt Hair Spray Styling Lacca Strong 300ml