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Home Care Post Progressive Daily Maintenance Treatment Kit 4 Itens - Forever Liss

Kit Forever Liss Kit Home Care Post Progressive is indicated for daily use, as it replaces substances necessary for the health of the threads that were lost during the treatments of chemical processes, it works by filling the porosity of the fiber, controlling the volume and restoring flexibility and softness to the hair, preventing the formation of split ends. It acts by fully recovering, promoting shine and strength. In addition to its UV system that protects hair against the thermal aggressions of the sun, such as the use of boards and dryers. The Forever Liss Home Care After Progressive Kit extends the result of Progressiva, Botox or Hair Sealing.

Daily maintenance on the threads, prolonging the result of any Forever Liss treatment, such as Progressives, Botox or Thermal Sealing.

Control Repair: Set of vitamins that strengthen and repair the hair fiber, providing softness and silkiness to the hair;

Argan Oil: Natural compound rich in vitamins A and E, Omega 6 and 9 that are instantly absorbed by all hair types, providing silkiness and luminous shine;

Cocoa: It has antioxidant properties that help protect and recover the hair fiber;

Hazelnut Extract: Intensely softens the threads and forms a protective film on the outer layer of the fiber;

Milk Amino Acids: Rich in Keratin and Collagen provides maximum hydration and strengthening of the hair fiber;

Wheat Protein: Rich in Vitamin E, combats hair aging, leaving the strands even with chemical full of life;

Cationic Polymers: Helps to unravel the strands, lubricating the entire hair, leaving it super silky;

Tucumã Butter: Provides intense shine to the hair, leaving the hair very soft;

Cupuaçu Butter: Anti Humidity, preventing the formation of split ends and frizz.

UV system
Anti Frizz Action
daily maintenance
Prevents the formation of split ends
Extends the result of Progressives, Sealing, Botox

Hair treated and recovered after the chemical procedure. In addition to prolonging the result of Progressiva, Botox or Hair Sealing.

01 - Home Care After Progressive Shampoo 300ml;
01 - Post Progressive Home Care Conditioner 300ml;
01 - Leave-In Home Care After Progressive 300g;
01 - Post Progressive Home Care Mask 250g.