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Hair Cauterization Ultra Gloss Bio Cauter Restore Conditioner 200g - Forever Liss

Cauterization Conditioner Cauter Restore has a special formula based on royal jelly, ceramides and Brazilian keratin. Promotes the structuring of the hair fiber, regenerating dry and chemically weakened strands. Facilitating combing and completely sealing the cuticles, leaving the strands more emollient, with shine and softness.

Cauter Restore conditioner is released for LOW POO technique and can be used daily.

Indicated for all types of hair, especially porous, damaged and chemically treated hair.

Bio-Restore®: Developed to restore extra dry and chemically fragile hair. It seals the cuticles and protects the color.

Brazilian Keratin: Helps in the internal and external reconstruction of the hair, providing strength and structure to the hair.

Ceramides: Works in the protection and water control of the hair, ensuring more protection, alignment and shine to the locks.

Royal Jelly: Rebuilds the hair fiber and restores the elasticity compromised by chemical action.

Cuticle Sealing
Conditioning of the wires
Powerful Hydration
Asset retention
Capillary mass replacement
fiber structuring
Regeneration of dry and chemically weakened strands

How to use:
01. After Shampoo, remove excess water and apply Cauter Conditioner, massaging them lock by lock.
02. Leave to act for 5 minutes.
03. Rinse completely. Then finish as usual.
For best results, use the complete Cauter restore line.

Fully sealed cuticles, strands regenerated, protected, healthy and with spectacular shine.

01 - Cauterization Conditioner Cauter Restore 200g.