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Hair Care Beauty Protection Sérum Multifunctional Finisher Vegan 120g - Ahoaloe

by Ahoaloe

A perfect and multifunctional formula for disciplined and fearless hair to be happy.

Prepared with the livid murumuru butter and the purest organic aloe vera gel, this aromatic balm brings softness and elasticity to the hair fibers, facilitating the hairstyle without stiffening its structure.

For fans of the flat iron and dryer, this protective cream, with its babassu and pracaxi oils, defends the wires from temperature. Chlorine, salt water and ultraviolet rays also have no place and are barred from the dance.

Horsetail extract and eucalyptus and copaiba oils, in addition to perfuming the mixture, enrich the hair system with important minerals to fortify the roots and preserve the scalp from the action of external agents.

Natural and traced origin
Not tested on animals
petrolatum free

Aloe: In the hair, the miraculous green is an intense hair moisturizer with extraordinary penetrability, which makes them always soft and flexible, preventing breakage and scaling. Aloe gel is still a prodigious carrier of nutrients and minerals for the scalp. This peculiar action gives strength, volume and healthy hair growth and preserves the integrity of the bulbs at the roots.

Horsetail: For revitalized skin and hair, horsetail reserves a mineralizing gallop rich in magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, potassium and other precious elements to fight external enemies such as pollution and the sun.

Murumuru: Milky, soft and sweet, the oily cream of this amazing specimen from the forest restores the natural moisture and elasticity of the skin and hair strands like no other ingredient. Highly nourishing and corrective, with it there's no mess, rebellious, brittle strands, frizz and excess volume.

Copaíba: Natural antibiotic of the tropics, the carmine liqueur of the shamans of the forests is the real killjoy of the germs and an excellent purifier of the bronchi and respiratory tract.

Coco Babaçu: Almond-shaped and delicately golden in color, this blonde from Maranhão is rich in vitamin E, a healing and regenerating nutrient for healthier and more luminous skin. Its oil, a supreme nectar, rich in lauric acid, is an expressive fighter against infections and inflammation caused by various agents and a sophisticated moisturizer for the body and hair.

Sweet orange: Its PH seals the hair cuticles, protecting its internal structure and helping to maintain hydration for longer. Energetic and toning, this fortunate fruit is rich in hesperidin, an active that contributes to the activation of peripheral circulation and has an anticoagulant action. In this way, the hair roots receive more oxygen and can grow healthier.

Eucalyptus: In addition to sterilizing hair follicles, preventing inflammation, its stimulating action helps hair grow more resistant.

How to use:
Apply a necessary amount of PROTECTION hair serum between your hands and spread on dry hair or beard, finishing the hairstyles. If you prefer, moisten the wires to make it easier for the product to glide.

-01 Protection Sérum 120g