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Gummy Hair Vitamins Growth Strengthening Supplement 60 pcs 240g - Forever Liss

Powerful Forever Gummy Hair Forever Liss food supplement composed of more than 10 vitamins and minerals that act from the inside out, contributing to hair growth and strengthening of nails and skin beauty.

In addition to reducing hair loss, hydration, shine and resistance, it has a tutti-frutti flavor. This compound of vitamins and minerals is essential as its formula is rich in Biotin, Vitamins, Selenium and Zinc, perfect for hair, skin and nail care.

Recommendation: Hair with little growth, hair loss, weak and brittle nails.

Biotin: Contributes to the maintenance of hair and skin. It helps in energy metabolism, in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, in the maintenance of mucous membranes.

Iodine: Helps in energy metabolism and contributes to skin maintenance.

Selenium: It is an antioxidant that helps protect from damage caused by free radicals and helps the immune system function.

Vitamin A: Regulates keratogenesis, which is necessary to keep the skin smooth, fresh and moist.

Vitamin E: Increases skin firmness, as it participates in collagen formation.

fall control
Yarn nutrition
hair growth
stronger threads
Strengthening and growing nails
Improves skin texture

How to use:
01 - The recommendation for use is 2 gums a day.
02 - Product suitable for population groups over 19 years old.

Hair growth, reduced shedding, hydrated skin and stronger, healthier nails.

01 - Pot Forever Gummy Hair Forever Liss 60 gummy pieces 240g