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Growth Horse of Horse Capyl Horse - Bio Instinto

Capil Horse Horse Cring Growth Kit that presents the following characteristics:

Vitamin A that has an antioxidant effect. Eliminates free radicals caused by day-to-day pollution (gauge from industries and automobiles);

Pantenol giving hydration making hair soft and silky;

Rich oil, biotin and aloe vera increases the growth of wires;

Jaborandi decreases fall and increases growth;

Keratin increases wire resistance by decreasing double tips;

Brazil's chestnut gives youth and life to the hair;

Therefore moisturizes, decreases fall, makes hair silky and soft, decreases the appearance of double tips and mainly increases hair growth.

The Hair Growth Kit Capil Horse contains:

1 shampoo without salt - 300ml,

1 Conditioner - 300ml,

1 Leave-in - 200ml and

1 Hydration Mask - 250g


All kinds of hair

Your formula contains:

Vitamin A: Antioxidant

Pantenol: Hydration

Riceck Oil: Growth

Jaborandi: Toning

Keratin: Resistance

Brazil Chestnut: Youth

Biotin: Growth

Aloe Vera: Growth

The Brazilian woman is modern, safe and is always in search of news. And the capillary transformations are the most sought after alternatives to improve self-esteem and enrich the look. Dysts, discolorations, progressive, are chemical processes that modify the appearance of hair, however, cause dryness and wire wear.

The capillary Kit Capil Horse Bio instinct was developed to meet the need for Brazilians who seek strong hair, without giving up new capillary transformations.

The entire Capil Horse line is rich in nutritious ingredients that provide hydration and stranding of wires, keeping them more resistant and providing healthier growth.