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Green Tinting Nuance Home Care Maintenance Kit 2x300ml - Robson Peluquero


It was developed with high technology and has a perfect performance, which meets the customer's requirement.Unique formulations and noble actives, rich in silk proteins and keratin.

The break time varies according to need. The more waterproof the hair, the longer the action time required. However, if the wires are porous, the action time will be shorter. This does not influence the durability of the color, it will vary according to the structure of each hair and the daily care of it. For example: if the client performs a tinting with one of the masks and then washes the hair, all color durability will be lost. Washing your hair every day can also interfere with its durability. Customers are advised to obtain a Kit for daily color maintenance.

-01 Robson Peluquero Green Tinting Nuance Shampoo 300ml
-01 Robson Peluquero Green Tinting Nuance Conditioner 300ml