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Ingel Maxx Step 2 Only - Forever Liss

Step 2 Treatment ONLY

Ingel Maxx Zero Forever Liss Progressive Brush is suitable for all hair types. It is 100% free of formaldehyde and provides long lasting natural smooth effect, by penetrating and nourishing the hair fiber internally, preventing the hair from being damaged and promoting hydration, shine, softness and silkiness. Is made using an exclusive "Perfect Brush" technology used in other countries and exclusive here in Brazil by Forever Liss Professional®: A formula rich in argan oil, coconut oil, ojon oil and low molecular weight keratin.

Argan Oil: Natural compound rich in vitamins A and E and omega 6 and 9, which are instantly absorbed by all types of hair, providing silky and luminous shine.

Ojon Oil: Rich in lipids and fatty acids, such as oleic and linoleic acid, which restructure and guarantee strength and resistance to yarn. It also assists in rebuilding the hair fiber.

Coconut Oil: Repairing system that acts on the structure of the hair, recovering the hair fiber. Rich in vitamin E, strengthens and creates a protective film on the wires.

Keratin: Repairs all porosity of the fiber, intensely recovering and moisturizing the hair.

Glyoxyloyl Carbocysteine: Acid base that allows alignment of the hair fiber with thermal action of the dryer and the flat iron. It acts on the cuticle of the wire without harming it!

- brightness;
- Softness;
- Silky
- Natural Smooth;
- Easy application;
- No smells and Burning;
- Long lasting smooth effect;
-100% formaldehyde free product.

How to Use:
Shampoo: Wash lightly with Step 1 Shampoo, spreading from root to tip. Rinse and repeat the application, letting it act for 5 minutes. Rinse the hair 100% and dry thoroughly with a towel before starting the process with Step 2 Reducer.

Reducer: Apply the Reducer Step 2 in thin strands (brush), respecting 1 cm from the root, allowing to act between 40 minutes (thin hair) and 60 minutes (curly hair) **.
After the break, remove excess product from the hair with comb or water. (Remove from 20% on longer, tougher hair, up to 80% on wavy hair only). Dry the hair 100% with brush and dryer.
Finish with thermal platter (flat iron) in thin strands, 10 to 15x each, with temperature between 200 and 230ºC (390 to 440ºF).
After finishing, wash your hair, removing any traces of the product. Can be applied conditioner or hydrating mask. Dry only with towel and dryer.

01 - Gloss Volume Reducer Ingel Maxx Zero 1 Liter.

It yields from 15 to 20 applications (It depends on the professional and hair size).

Durability of treatment: up to 90 days. Do not reapply in less than 60 days.