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Fashion Stylist Smooth Hair Treatment 120g- Ybera Paris

by Ybera
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The new Fashion contains Kerafive 22, the unique molecule developed by Ybera, which smooths the threads, preserving the 22 amino acids that make up the hair fiber. In addition to promoting intense hydration to the threads through Inca oil, coconut oil and quinoa protein.

Composed of organic acids, amino acids and a super-conditioning cationic complex, this blend has the power to promote excellent hair straightening in addition to acting on the hair fiber by controlling pH, nourishing, moisturizing, donating shine, restoring hair resistance and elasticity , protecting the hair against free radicals, filling the porosity of damaged hair, forming a hydrophobic film that protects the hair against high temperatures and protects the natural color of hair.

Formulated for professional use, the traditional cream sealant transforms and treats your hair with Inca oil and quinoa protein.

How to use:
-Wash your hair with Shampoo of your choice and remove excess water with a towel.

-Apply the product with a brush and comb across the hair, beginning at the nape of the neck. Respect the 0.5 cm distance from the scalp.

-Leave on for 60 minutes. Rinse and dry the wires thoroughly.
-Finish by brushing and plating fine wicks between 200 ° C and 230 ° C, 10 times each. It is not necessary to rinse.

01 - Ybera Fashion Stylist Progressiva Cream 120g