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Evolution Kit Shield Thermal E Cauterization 4 Items - Evolution

Cauterization Kit Evolution Thermal Shield Authentic (4 items)

It has a highly selected formulation to provide the wires a cleaning without assaulting the cuticles, revitalizing the chemical processed capillary fiber, involving all capillary structure, returning the elasticity of the rod and retaining and absorbing all vitamin complex restructuring and capillary fiber stabilizer.

1 clear shampoo
Apply in wet hair by massaging root, half and tips until you get a creamy foam. Then rinse and repeat the process until complete cleaning.

2 Keratin Gell
Apply Keratin Gell, Mecha to Mecha, with a brush withdrawing excess with a comb. Leave a thermal cap or a 10-minute vaporizer.

3 reconstructive blanket
Apply on the KERATIN GELL the reconstructive blanket cloving wick by wick gently, let us act for 15 minutes and rinse well.

4 Leave-in active term
Apply through your hair with your hands and distribute evenly with a help of a comb, and then gently finalize.

This kit contains the items below:
01 Evolution unit Thermal shielding Shampoo Clear 1000ml
01 Evolution Unit Thermal Shield Keratin Gel 500ml
01 Evolution unit Thermal shielding 1kg hydration mask
01 Evolution unit Thermal shielding Leave-in active term of 500ml

About the brand / manufacturer:

Evolution Authentic Line

From the dream and work of an entrepreneur to a case of success. Founded in 2008, in São Paulo / SP, it is in the specialized market in cosmetics for beauty salons with various types in its portfolio, Evolution Authentic Line is a Brazilian national recognition company.
Evolution is a leader in transformation and offers a complete line of cosmetics, exclusive for salons, with distribution through specialized consultants in the professional market. They are products intended for the transformation of the form, finalization and maintenance of the beauty of the hair. Healthy products and proven efficacy. Innovation, high technology, commitment to truth, education and valorization of the human being are the pillars of the company.