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Professional Progressive Hair Brush Japanese New Style Kit 2x1L - Japonese Style


Japanese Progressive Brush has in its formula an innovative combination, based on a combination of noble acids that provide deep hydration, in addition to orthomolecular technology that balances vitamins and essential amino acids.

Japonesa restores the hair fiber maintaining the moisture content of the strands, reduces the volume and eliminates the undesired frizz, resulting in straight hair with a lot of shine and softness.

- Wheat Protein;
- Argan Oil;
- Panthenol.

How to Use:
After washing your hair with the Anti Residue Shampoo, dry 100% with the aid of the dryer;
Apply the Japanese Progressive Step 2, ½ cm away from the scalp, starting from the root along the entire length of the hair;
After 15 minutes, without rinsing, dry and make a good brush;
Then plank 10 to 15 times in thin strands, your result will be smooth hair with a lot of shine and softness.

-01 Japonese Style Shampoo 1L
-01 Japonese Style Mask 1L