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Detox Home Care Maintenance Kit 3 Products - Cadiveu

by Cadiveu

Indication: For all types of hair. Detoxification and health for the hair.

Benefits of Detox Line:
- Detoxifies the scalp, smoothing the area for the growth of strong and resistant hair.
-Removes the impurities of the hair, promoting more shine and health.
-Free of silicones, nourishes from the root to the tips, without leaving residues.

Salicylic Acid, Jambu, Biotin and Essential Nutrients: strengthen, nourish and rejuvenate hair.

Detox Protein 320ml - Protects the strands from the astringent action of the shampoo and nourishes the hair fiber intensely. It recovers the natural elasticity, strengthening the structure inside the capillary cells. Results visible at first wash.
Protein Detox's main function is to nourish the yarn intensely.

Its formula still contains all the essential amino acids, which help to recompose the interior of the hair fibers, making your hair healthy, strong and protected from external damage. 

How to use: Spread on the dry threads, from the length to the ends, in an amount sufficient to moisten the wicks. Then proceed with washing normally with the shampoo.

Detox Shampoo 250ml - Eliminates excessive oiliness and scaliness of the scalp resulting from chemical or biological aggression. Promotes cell renewal, strength and shine to wires. It promotes skin cell renewal for the birth and growth of strong, healthy and shiny hair.
Its formula relies on the active Jambu and Essential Nutrients that strengthen, nourish and renew the hair as a whole.

How to use:  Start applying Cadiveu Professional Detox Protein to protect the wires; Then dilute 10ml of Shampoo in 50ml of water to spread the product better and leave no residue. Massage the scalp gently; Then rinse.

Detox Conditioner 250ml - It guarantees nourishing and pronounced tenderness for hair. Free of cumulative effect (without silicones), it imparts movement and maximum brightness to the hair, strong yarns resistant to breakage. It cleans, conditions and nourishes, for soft wires. Ensures softness and deep nutrition in wires. As also contributes to strengthening the hair fiber, which makes the hair more resistant to breakage. It brings sediment and movement. Daily use.

How to Use: Apply Conditioner on clean, damp hair, from length to tips, avoiding contact with the scalp. Leave on for about 2 minutes and then rinse.