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Clash Nutre Nourishing Restore Macaúba Ojon Oils Hair Mask 1kg - Manga Rosa


Created with Macaúba (Brazilian Gold) Oil of Ojon (Caribbean Gold) has selective action (enhances actions by taking nutrients to the most damaged parts of the hair). and normalizes the cuticles, removing the dry appearance, rebalances the oil content, maintaining the ideal Ph for soft and shiny hair. Clash Nutri is a restorative nutrition shock, acting from the inside out, creating a protective film, providing greater durability in hydration.

What types of hair?
Damaged by chemicals and abused. Curly and wavy hair.

How to apply the mask?
After washing with restorative shampoo, remove excess water. Apply the mask by massaging from root to tip, leave to act for 5 minutes, rinse and finish as desired.

01 Clash Nourishing Macaúba Ojon Oils Mask 1kg