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Ckamura Color Intense Platinum Tonalizer 100g - C.Kamura

Tonalizer Color Intense Platinum - C.Kamura 100g

Modify the color of your hair without the aggressions caused by the dyes. C.Kamura toner is free of ammonia and oxidants, and can be applied as often needed.

It deals with hair, as it has a highly moisturizing and conditioning base. With C.Kamura Color Intense you can temporarily transform the color of the wires using the shades indicated in the cartridge without compromising the natural color of your hair as it is a tonal coloring by deposition, which is losing its effects gradually after each wash.

If the hair is already dyed, C.Kamura Color Intense can be applied between colorations and whenever your hair requires an extra color reinforcement to make them more leviest and bright. It invigorates the color of dyed hair and can be applied after relaxation and permanent.

It is also ideal for lights and reflexes.