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Caviar Açai Argan Professional Magic Post Progressive Treatment 3x300ml - Adlux

by Adlux

The Magic Post Progressive, which has the power to act as a formula for treatment and care with the chemical processes and dryness of hair. This wonderful kit balances your hair completely by balancing the scalp, scalp, fibers and pH of your hair.

The kit also allows a gentle and delicate cleaning, without damaging the hair fiber, ensuring deep hydration in the hair. Providing synergistically to the hair, malleability and softness for a long time, without causing the threads to break, vitalizing them with a three-dimensional shine.

Main Assets:
- One of the active ingredients used, Hydrolyzed Caviar, returns emollience, suppleness and resistance, guaranteeing protection from the harmful damages of time, leaving your hair with that natural and very beautiful appearance;
- Caviar extract is rich in amino acids, which helps to provide balance with the chemical structure of the wires, which is of a nature consisting of amino acids;
- Açaí extract is rich in proteins and lipids, a great source of vitamins C, B1, B2, calcium, iron and phosphorus. Rebuilds the hair fiber;
- Argan oil, considered the gold of Morocco, is a potent natural extract, which not only beautifies the threads, but also nourishes intensely, with surprising results.

1) - SHAMPOO: For relaxed, dyed and dry hair, restoring shine and softness., ONLY USE NORMALLY; Exclusive formula with forest assets. Contains açaí and argan oil; PRODUCT PH: between 4.5 to 5.5. 

2) - HYDRATING MASK: Mask that deeply moisturizes the hair, with the power of argan oil, combined with açaí and keratin. Exclusive formula with forest assets. Contains açaí and argan oil;
PRODUCT PH between 4.0 to 5.0.

3) - NOURISHING LEAVE IN: With the combination of natural actives to restore the natural emollience of the hair, reconstituting the fibers and keeping the hair volume and hydrated; It can be used on hair with or without chemical daily. It can be applied before and after leaving the pool or sea;

-01 Adlux Post Progressive Treatment Magic Shampoo 300ml
-01 Adlux Post Progressive Treatment Magic Mask 300ml
-01 Adlux Post Progressive Treatment Magic Leave In 300ml