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Brazilian Original Realignment Treatment Hair Reorganizer 150ml - Magic Science


1) How to use.
With your hair still wet, spray liberally along the entire length and root. For an enhanced effect, dry with the aid of a dryer. If your hair is curly, use a curl activator next. The reorganizer should be used whenever you wash your hair.

2) Is the combined use of the Universal Therapy Ampoule and the Capillary Reorganizer necessary?
The combined use enhances the results, as the ampoule fills the wires that are “hollow” and the reorganizer repositiones the connections, promoting an incomparable effect.

3) Which products are Ampoule Teapia Universal and Hair Reorganizer for?
Our products have intelligent molecules that adapt to any type of hair, through a fitting technology. So all types of hair can benefit from the impressive results.

4) Does the Ampoule and Capillary Reorganizer contain formaldehyde or derivatives?
Our products have NO formaldehyde and no derivatives. These are scientific cosmetics, developed from the principles of advanced cosmetics. They are not acid straightening and do not interact with any chemicals available in salons.

5) Can Ampoule and Capillary Reorganizer products be used by pregnant women?
Yes. There is no contraindication for pregnant women, as it is a physical and not a chemical process.

6) Ampoule and Capillary Reorganizer have any interaction with chemicals available in salons?
Our products DO NOT interact with any chemicals available in salons.

7) Can blondes use Universal Therapy Ampoule and Capillary Reorganizer?
Yes. As the discoloration processes attack the hair, treatment is also essential for blondes.

8) Can the Ampoule and Capillary Reorganizer be used by curly hair?
Yes. The curly wires will be filled and their connections will be stabilized. Resulting in perfect and stable curls.

9) Can I do chemical straightening and continue using the Ampoule and Capillary Reorganizer products?
Yes. The products will treat the hair and prolong the straightening effect. Leaving the hair healthy, filled and silky.

10) Can the Ampoule and Capillary Reorganizer products be used in dyed hair?
Yes. The products enhance the color and help to prolong the color results.

-01 Magic Science Hair Reorganizer Spray 150ml