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Deep Hair Mask Hair Straightening Lux Platinum For Blond Hair 1kg - FioPerfeitto

Deep Hair Mask Lux Hair Straightener Perfectionist was specially developed for blond hair or wicks. It promotes a high volume reduction, capillary alignment and deep hydration, eliminating the yellowish tones, thus leaving your blonde more platinum.

It is rich in moisturizing properties, besides sealing the cuticles and restoring all your hair fiber, leaving your PERFECT WIRE.

How to Use:
-After washing the hair with deep cleansing shampoo Perfect Wire remove excess water from the hair with the aid of a towel.
-Apply Deep Hair Mask Lux Perfect Hair Tint in moist hair, let it act for 15 minutes;
-Take the excess in the lavatory only with water, then brush and plank.
-Finalize as you wish.