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Barrominas Silicone Force Hair Brittle Kit Kit - Barrominas

Barrominas Silicone Force Treatment Hair Bracket Kit

The Silicone Force Barrominas line is indicated for weak and brittle hair by daily damage such as thermal heat, sun, time, dust and natural fiber wear. It contains amino acids that restore the interior of hair and silicones that avoid the Fly Away effect The exclusive formulation has high conditioning power and contributes to leave the hair strong and bright.

How to use:

Shampoo- Apply the Silicone Force Barrominas shampoo over wet hair, gently massaging. Rinse. If necessary, repeat the application.

Conditioner- After washing the hair, apply the silicone force barrominas conditioner on the wet wires massaging well wick the wick. Let the product act for a few minutes. Rinse.

Mask - After the use of the shampoo, apply the silicone mask force barrominas on the moist wires, massaging well, wick the wick. Let the product act for 2 to 3 minutes, if you prefer to use thermal or aluminum cap. Rinse.


01- Shampoo Silicone Force Barrominas - 300ml;

01- Silicone Conditioner Force Barrominas - 300ml;

01- Silicone mask force barrominas - 500g;

01 - Combing Cream Silicone Force Barrominas - 240 ml;