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1 Kit Cafe Pump Fashion 4 Units Na Box - Fashion

by Fashion
Capillary Cafe Pump - Fashion Cosmetics

Moisturizes and stimulates the growth of the wires

Are your hair weak, brittle and delay to grow? The Cafe Fashion Pump line has been specially developed to solve these problems. With a powerful formulation enriched with D-Panthenol and coffee extract your hair will grow faster, healthy, moisturized and full of life.

D-PANTENOL: Concentrated in pro-vitamin B5, regenerates capillary fiber, prolongs hydration and avoids dusk dual tips.

Coffee extract: Natural stimulant, accelerates the growth and strengthening of the wires.

1 Shampoo Café Pump - 400ml
1 Coffee Conditioner Pump - 400ml
1 Coffee Mask Pump - 300g
1 Leave-in Café Pump - 200ml