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Reconstruction Therapy Coconut Beauty Balm Xtended Free BBXX 250g - Natumaxx


Beauty Balm Xtended Free (BBXX) is the newest technology related to volume reduction. BBXX Free helps to minimize the damage caused by daily external aggressions and provides a unique smooth effect. Its composition rich in Coconut Oil and Amino Acids seals the cuticles of the hair restoring shine and softness. Formaldehyde free!

Golden Camelina Oil and Amino Acids.

It promotes volume reduction, eliminates frizz, besides helping in the nutrient replacement process, moisturizing and sealing cuticles, restoring shine and softness.

Precautions: External use, keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes and mucous membranes, wash with plenty of water, if necessary seek medical attention.

Do not apply if the scalp is irritated or injured. In case of sensitization, discontinue use. Wear suitable gloves for application.

Touch Proof:
Touch testing is a procedure that must be done and repeated with each application. Read these guidelines carefully:
- Wash a small area on the forearm;
- Apply a small amount of Beauty Balm Xtended on your forearm and let it act for 30 minutes.
- Wash the application area with plenty of water and wait for 24 h.
- Check the application site, if there is skin irritation, itching, burning in the area or nearby regions, do not use the product.

Wick Test:
It is mandatory regardless of the type of hair!
Through the wick test, you will verify the ideal action time indicated for your hair type and your hair is in the ideal conditions for transformation.
- One hair is different from the other and reacts with its current conditions, so always test the strands on top of the head (because it is the most sensitive region of the strands, exposed directly to physical and chemical aggressions), even if you already know or use it the product.
- Put on gloves and start the application on the lock. Test 0.5 centimeters of the scalp and spread evenly with the aid of a comb or brush. Start counting the time as indicated above.
- Check the test strand every 5 minutes, checking the malleability and the structure of the wires.
- After the application time (see table), rinse under running water, removing all the product. Brush and plank as shown in the table.

Compatibility: All types of chemicals and hair *

In the case of fragile, brittle and dry hair, treatment is indicated beforehand.

Note: Colored or bleached hair, may undergo a small change in tone, and can be touched up within 7 days.

Pregnant and lactating women: The use must be validated by a doctor.

Root Retouch:
The time interval between application and retouching depends on hair growth, on average 30 to 45 days after application. It should be applied only on the grown part of the hair, leaving the application time (see leaflet) and only then spread gently to the ends.

How to Use:
Before starting the application, wash the hair with anti-residue shampoo, repeat the procedure 2 times and then rinse.
Dry 80% of the wires with the dryer.
Divide the hair into parts, put on gloves and with the help of a brush, respecting 0.5 cm of the scalp, start the BBXX application process, strand by strand, over the entire length of the strands, work the root well with the back brush, therapy each strand from root to tip, combining hair. Let it act according to the table below, always evaluating the wire structure. Start counting the time as the application starts.
After the pause time, rinse the hair with water, partially removing the product.
Then brush and flatten your hair into thin strands.

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